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This is the engine out of Sears number 1204. It was out for a minor rebuild which included tightening up a loose rod. While apart, it was also found that the timing gear on the crankshaft was loose, so that was fixed. There is a noise you can hear in the video that ended up being the thrust washer on the front side of the flywheel. The Sears manual says to oil this thrust washer before running the engine. This is what it sounds like if you do not do that.
This video shows a walk around of a 1908 Sears Auto Buggy. The details of the car are shown and explained by the owner, Wayne Sutton.
Wayne Sutton gives a quick explaination of the controls of a Sears Auto Buggy.
After 16 months of restoration, Wayne Sutton starts this 100 year old Sears car for the first time. It creates a real cloud of smoke and since the test is inside the shop, it gets worse as the engine continues to run.
Wayne Sutton installing the top on his Sears Motor Buggy. It is just that easy.
This car has not traveled under its own power for almost 100 years. Wayne Sutton cranked it up and took her for a spin. There are some adjustments to make but she performed just like they said in the Sears catalog.
A Sears from the Essai d'une voiture de collection does a fly-by.
This 1910 vintage Sears at Williston, TN - 2003
Another Sears still going strong.
Joel Braverman does a fly-by in his Sears.

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