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If you have a picture of a Sears you would like included here, please send it to me either via e-mail or US-mail at the address' below. If you choose to use the US mail to send me a photograph, and wish to have the photo returned, please also send a Self Addressed Stamped envelope along with the photo. Include important data such as Year, Model Number, Serial Number (both on the frame and on the brass plate on the body), owners name and any other data you would like. THANKS!!!

1909 221R 444 (Model G Equivelent)
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None listed at this time. If you have a picture of a 1909 221R 444 (Model G Equivelent), please send it to me.

1909 221R 333 (Model H Equivelent)
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This car is Sears number 1007 and is owned by the Lowell Walker family. It is the second oldest Sears (not counting the prototype Krotz) remaining.
Posted 2011-07-05

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This is Sears number 1085 which was owned by John H. Howard. John gave one of the testimonials in the Sears advertisement booklet called "What Sears Owners Say". In his letter dated June 10, 1910 he says

"Dear Sirs: - I received your motor car in August last; am much pleased with it and it does all you claim it will do. Last season I ran the car about 1,500 miles without a break or bog, and it crossed the Blue Mountain and also the Broad Mountain out in the coal regions and with ease. We have rough and hilly roads here in Pennsylvania and the Sears stood all kinds of tests."

Some interesting things to note in this picture:

The Sears name plate is mounted on the front of the car. This is the only original picture I have ever seen with the data plate mounted on the front of the car. They are usually mounted on the back of the car. It is possible that the original owner moved the data plate to the front of the car so it would not be covered by a license plate on the back. UPDATE: The current owner of this car looked on the back of the car and did find the 4 holes in the body where the data plate was originally mounted.

Also note the nickel plating on the tiller bar comes down to the first mounting bracket.

Take a look at the finish on the car. The shine on the fenders and the reflection of the head lamp in the body. They looked nicer than people think.

Also note that the letter is dated June of 1910 and mentions the car was received the prior August. If this is the 85th Sears and it is received in August of 1909, how many could have been received in 1908?

This car is now owned by Jim and Donna Bunch. John Howard sold the car to his friend James H. Roberts in 1929, and James is Donna's Grandfather.
Posted 2011-09-23

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This is Sears number 1088 which was for sale at the time of this picture.
Posted 2013-04-04

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This car is Sears number 1159 and is owned by the Daniel Peterson family. It is show participating in the Old Threshers Reunion in Mt Pleasant, IA which occurs labor day weekend each year.
Posted 2009-04-22

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This is a photo of the Webmasters father, John J. Daly's 1909 Sears (Number 1204). This is a numbers matching car. My father has owned this car for over 50 years and restored it in the 1970's. We have driven this car many miles. It was an unmolested original before restoration. It included the original tires and paint including all the stripping.
Posted 2009-04-22

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