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So you want to see some Mecahnical Drawings for Sears Automobiles? Well, you have found the right page.

This page contains mechanical drawings for the Sears automobiles. These were developed by other Sears owners as they restored their own cars. If you need similar pieces perhaps you can use these diagrams to make the parts or have them made.

If you have mechanical drawings for parts you have had made that you would like to submit, please scan it at the highest photo resolution possible. For one or two files, email them to me. For many files, sent them to me on diskette or Zip disk, including your return address and I will be happy to return your disk.

Thanks, and enjoy the data!!!


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This is the drawing for one style of gas tank cap used on later Sears Automobiles. The Earlier cars had a square nut type head. This fined style could be reproduced based on this diagram. I think this diagram was made by John J. Daly of an original. He sold the original to another Sears owner who needed it, but made the drawing before letting it go.

Added 04/25/2009

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The drawings contained on this page were used by John J. Daly to make a switch for his 1909 Sears number 1204.

Added 04/25/2009

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